Dorset Institute of
Advanced Motorists
Registered charity: 1050941

IAM Factsheets

22/001 - Classic Cars

21/001 - Safety Cameras
Facts about Safety Cameras and some tips for staying safe with respect to speed limits.

20/001 - Successful Towing Techniques
Tips on how to tow safely if you are new to towing.

19/001 - Driving Attitudes
An IAM checklist for driving with the right attitude.

18/001 - Emergency Vehicles
Advice on how to deal with them.

17/001 - Sharing The Road With Cyclists
Some guidance on how to make life easier (and safer) for cyclists on todays congested roads.

16/001 - Use of Gears and Advanced Driving.
Minimise your fuel consumption around town and making it easier to stay within speed limits.

15/002 - Driver Fatigue
How to spot the signs and what to do to combat it.

14/001 - Driving In Wet Weather

13/001 - The School Run
Advice to parents if they absolutely have to drive their children to school.

12/001 - Scooter Riders
Should Be Stylish...BUT Safe Too. Common sense questions for scooter riders to ensure safety on todays busy roads.

11/001 - Personal Safety On The Road
Guidance and advice from the IAM for those driving alone.

10/001 - Membership Information.
Broad details of the benefits of IAM Membership.

09/001 - Winter Driving
Advice and guidance on how to deal with winter driving.

08/001 - Holiday Driving In The UK

07/001 - Driving At Night

06/001 - Mobile Phones
Advice and guidance on the use of mobile phones whilst driving.

05/001 - "Greener" Driving
Driving and caring for your car/bike with environmental views in mind.

04/001 - Motorway Driving

03/001 - The "Older" Driver
Advice and guidance for drivers over 60 to recognise and get help on significant changes in driving over the years.

01/001 - Driving Abroad
Advice for driving on the "wrong side of the road".