Dorset Institute of
Advanced Motorists
Registered charity: 1050941

About us...

About us...

We are a group with approximately 280 members, covering both cars and motorcycles. Currently we have a motorcycle section, but when quantity of members becomes sufficient they will become a group in their own right. Our catchment area covers the whole of Dorset, apart from Poole and Bournemouth, which has its own group - more details. The group is affiliated to the main Institute of Advanced Motorists.

What we do...

By now you are probably wondering what makes us Advanced Motorists. In order to become an advanced motorist, you need to pass the IAM's advanced test. Sounds easy - well it is with us guiding you on your way! Initially you will attend a group of three lectures which take place twice a year (see events for details). These lectures are given by an Advanced Police driving instructure of the Devon and Cornwall Police Force. The lectures cover all the basis of what is expected from an Advanced Motorist. The next stage is be paired up with one of our Group Observers. The Observer will come out with you, in your own car, to observer your driving skills, and to advise of any issues. The Observer will guide you on your way to improving your driving skills to a level which is appropiate to pass the IAM test. The Observed runs will take place at a time that is convient for you, and normally last in region of approximately one hour, and may cover different driving suitations - such as day/night and rush-hour traffic.

The test...

Once it is felt by both you and the observer that your driving is that of the IAM test standard, then the test takes place. The test is conducted by the Police Driving Instructor who gave the initial set of three lectures. Normally the tests will be based around Dorchester, or Bridport and will involve both town and country driving.

What do I do now?

If you fancy joining the group and passing your IAM test, then visit the Join us page.